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The View From the Gorge 

January 3 2020 to February 9 2020

at Tiger Strikes Asteroid New York 

Featuring works by Christine Rebhuhn, Christina Graham, and Joel McDonald. 


All photos by Tiger Strikes Asteroid and Pacifico Silano. Scroll down for more images and installation views. 

The View From the Gorge   

The View From The Gorge is a group show curated by Sheherazade (Louisville, KY) at Tiger Strikes Asteroid NY. The exhibition features new and recent work by artists in Louisville, Kentucky and Brooklyn, New York. The portals, panes, and frames in these artists’ works become meditations on looking and wanting.

Christina Graham’s sensual paintings of windows impart a sense of touch, but with curtains and blinds disrupting our full access. Christine Rebhuhn’s non-functional table forms suggest a collapsed meeting place. The see-through panels of her sculptures open up in acts of hushed exhibitionism for potential occupants of the room. Interior and exterior architectural forms take on anthropomorphic qualities most explicitly in Joel McDonald’s church figure, which sits expectantly atop a handmade quilt. This quilt is a variation of the traditional “flying geese” pattern quilt, but its arrows have become pointedly sexual.

The sense of distance and a desire in The View From the Gorge refers to the chasm that exists culturally and geographically between Tiger Strikes Asteroid New York and Sheherazade—the curatorial space in Louisville which is being teleported to Brooklyn for this exhibition. The visual geometry in all three artists’ works stands in for the 16-panel glass garage door of Sheherazade, which frames the all of that gallery’s exhibitions in its native Louisville space. Taken all together, the grids found in the exhibition represent ideas of voyeurism and the framing of disparate worlds. The View From the Gorge wishes you were here.

The View From the Gorge is part of #ArtistRun2020, a year-long exploration of artist-run spaces organized by Tiger Strikes Asteroid and Trestle Gallery. Sheherazade is thrilled to be one of 11 artist-run projects invited to curate exhibitions at these organizations’ various locations with the intention of building relationships and expanding our collective networks.


“From mobile platforms focusing on pop-up exhibitions, to projects in artists’ homes, to full-blown commercial galleries, artist-run spaces are an integral part of the art world, often providing artists with their first major exhibitions as well as providing a space for artists to meet and share their work. We view these exhibitions as a way of collapsing the geographic space between all of our projects so that the relationships that are built and sustained through Artist-Run 2020 will in turn become a way for us to collectively create space for others.” - Trestle Gallery and Tiger Strikes Asteroid.



Joel McDonald, Figure on Bed, 2020. Quilt, felt, paper, acrylic paint. 72” x 72” x 80.”


Christine Rebhuhn, Bridge, 2020. Wood, paint, acrylic, magazine, digital print. 60” x 52” x 42.5.” 


 Christina Graham, Reflection (Loon Point), 2019. Watercolor on paper.  10.5” x 7” 


Christina Graham, Accurate Reflection #4 (Lynda), 2017. Acrylic, oil and latex on canvas. 90” x 38” and Diamond Door, 2018. Acrylic on canvas. 51” x 38”


Christina Graham, With a Love that Never Fades (Vertical Blinds), 2018. Oil and acrylic on canvas. 48” x 38” and Porch Mirrors, 2018. Gouache on panel. 7” x 5”


Detail, Joel McDonald


Detail, Joel McDonald


Detail, Christine Rebhuhn 


Detail, Christina Graham


Detail, Christina Graham


Detail, Christina Graham

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